February 19, 2018

Things I Believe In

I am flat out ripping a page out of Steph's blog and making it my own. Or not my own, but you know what I mean. A few weeks ago she posted about the things she does and does not believe in and today I'm following suit. 

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

... travelling as often as possible

... being alone sometimes

... quietly observing

... actions speaking louder than words

... family not being defined by blood

... the 21st Amendment

... having hobbies that take you out of your comfort zone

... talking to strangers

... giving for the sake of giving

... the healing properties of the ocean

... silence

... the power of positivity

... manifestation (good and bad)

... a higher power (call it the Universe, Spirit, God, Source, etc... there are forces higher than we)

... kindness

... doing things that feel good

... purging

... global warming

... having a voice and making it heard

... journaling

... karma

... days off

How about you? What do you believe in? 


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I co-sign with everything on your list. The only two things I might add are 1) the power of the arts and 2) being true to your authentic self :) xo

  2. I'm stealing this idea. I also believe in a lot of these, especially the being alone sometimes & giving for the sake of giving.

  3. I definitely have more family who isn’t related by blood! (Ok well I’m adopted so all of family and friends aren’t related by blood but you know what I mean!)