March 07, 2018

On My Mind

I'm still not sure where February went but I'm pretty excited that March is here. I've been spending more time reflecting, which I'm really enjoying, and here's a bit of what's been coming up.

  • I truly have no words about these constant school shootings. The Monday following the Parkland shooting, I sat on the couch, watching the news, crying. Why, how... they're questions that have no simple answer. But something needs to be done. it used to be a tragedy that was unheard of and now it's become a tragedy that, because of its frequency, I fear we're growing immune to. But if anyone is going to effectuate change, it will be these kids from Florida. They are outspoken, strong, determined... and they are not going quietly. 
  • I hung out with a friend a few weeks ago. Nothing special. Movie, beers, hours of conversation. It made me realize that I would like to have more of these moments in my life. Not to say that I don't, but sometimes they feel few and far between. Sometimes I avoid them because it feels like work {not the friendship, the staying out, going here, meeting there. I've become a homebody}, but I can't say I've ever regretted it. 
  • I miss my mindfulness practice. This isn't to say I'm not journaling or reading or going to yoga, but I couldn't tell you the last time I sat down to meditate. Sitting in silence with my own thoughts is something I enjoy. 
  • My downstairs neighbors are starting to get on my nerves. I bought a treadmill last spring and I try to use it every night {I like to walk while I watch Jeopardy}. Every time I'm on it they pound on the wall/ceiling. Mind you, I don't use it before 9am or after 8pm. I don't run on it and I bought rubber mats to go under it. And yet, on a Monday, at 9:30 in the morning, I hear them pounding every 5 minutes or so. I sent my super an email basically saying all of this and how I feel like I can't live my life in my own home. He responds telling me they're not complaining about the treadmill but the music. Fun story: I'm not listening to music. And when I am, it's certainly not loud. Either way, I have it in writing that the treadmill is fine to use so poo on them.
  • I recently put myself on Upwork in an effort to gain more clients. My VA work will always be a side hustle to me as working solely for myself doesn't appeal to me, but having new clients and income streams is never a bad thing. 

  • The idea that society celebrates certain life "milestones" with showers and gifts annoys me. Like, where is my shower/party for paying my bills on time all year? What about for not losing my shit on people? Or how about I simply made it through another month of life? Where is my celebration? 

And that's all I have to say about that. 


  1. I recently signed my lease for another 13 months so I'll be in this apartment until the end of March 2019, but I'm so over apartment life & that kind of neighbor drama.

  2. i cannot believe your neighbours! what buttholes. jerks. you should blast music really loudly for like a week, and then go back to no music so they'll hopefully not complain because it could be worse haha. because really, what jerks.
    i agree about the small snot especially important get togethers. i try to do dinner or something with my friends every couple of months even though it can feel like a hassle, i never regret it.

  3. Hey, that's me! That was a great night :) Sorry to hear that your neighbors are still a-holes. At least it's in writing so they can't formally complain, but that's super annoying. That last point was an episode of Sex and the City- the one where Carrie got her shoe stolen at her friend's kid's birthday I think, and she's annoyed that "singles don't get any gifts after graduation." But I completely agree- I wanna celebrate paying my bills on time or simply "surviving" too!